Content Precise Recommendation

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Content Precise Recommendation

Content Precise Recommendation System(CPRS) helps journal content to distribute globally based on big data and text semantic analysis.

Benefit from CPRS

  • Distributing research outputs immediately
  • Maximizing journal impact
  • Strengthening author relationships

Whom to recommend?

  • Author/Reviewers pool.
  • Authors whose papers indexed WOS or Pubmed.
  • Scholar list supplied by editorial office including E-mail and keywords for each.

What to recommend?

No more than personalized 5 papers for each based on scholar fingerprint, differing from E-mail alert.

  • Recommend by issue
  • Recommend by topic or collection
  • Recommend by single paper

How to recommend?

  • CPRS will construct semantic fingerprint for each paper.
  • Each scholar will receive personalized papers according to his/her fingerprint.
  • Personalized or default E-mail templates for each recommendation.
  • Report page will be created for each recommendation.


  • More than 10 millions, dynamically updated potential scholars covering all disciplines and 120+ countires.
  • High level matching accuracy based on the domain knowledge base and the collaborative filtering algorithm.
  • High speed of sending E-mail.
  • Personalized or default E-mail templates for each recommendation.
  • Secure, cross-platform reading experience.
  • High rate of opening/clicking and citation conversion, about 10% higher than others.
  • No additional workload for editors.
  • Paper can be linked directly to the journal's official website.
  • Complete and visualizing report, easy to conduct effect evaluation.
  • Reliable unsubscribing service.

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