Manuscriptcloud submission/peer review system

Personalized, Flexible, Secure, Reliable, ,Intelligent, Low learning cost, All in one.

Manuscriptcloud submission/peer review system

Manuscriptcloud is the most popular submission/peer review system in China, both in Chinese journals and English journals. There are more than 2000 journals are using Manuscriptcloud including more than 70 SCI/Ei journals and 30+ oversea international journals, rating 42% market share in China.

Based om cloud computation and distributed deployment, Manuscriptcloud is SaaS providing automatical management of the whole process of journal manuscript, from intelligent submission, peer review, editing, and publishing.

Flexible and personalized

The manuscript review process, user interface, user privileges and all E-mail/printing templates can be personalized.


Manuscriptcloud has passed the strict safety test, deployed and backup distributely, to protect the journal assets.


Many new technologies such as reading/writing separation, elastic computation are applied to improve response speed.


Hot plug and modular designing provides 7 * 24 uninterrupted service.

Manuscript financial management

Manuscript financial, including APC, peer review charge, et al. can be managed automatically.

Document analysis and reorganization

Technological analysis for manuscript based on XML will improve the publishing quality of journal.

Evoluted and iterated continuously

Updated monthly will improve continuously the efficiency of manuscript processing, and keep journal infrastructure under evoluting and iterating.


Automatical mechanism is widely used in the whole process of manuscript processing to continuously improve the efficiency of manuscript processing.


All structured data, full text files can be migrated to Manuscriptcloud, without extra cost, to protect early investment and maintain the continuity of work.

All in one

Manuscriptcloud can be integrated with online publishing platform, production system, and distribution platform.

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