Publishing your contents more effectively, discoverablely and low-costly

Magtech builds infrastructure of journals, from submission to the end readers with Chinese efficiency


Integrated workflow

Integrated submission and peer review system (Manuscriptcloud®), content production (Xpublishing®), online publishing platform (OrionArm®) and content precise recommendation (CPRS®), accelerate your workflow, at your special demand.

More smart and effective

New technologies embeded such as text recognition based on machine-learnning, content recombination based on XML, evaluation of reviewers based on user behavior analysis and big data supported, et al. will make your infrastructure more smart and make your decision more scientifically and quickly.

Get discovered and evaluatded

SEO optimization, search engines API, social media share API, and source analysis of authors and readers, will broaden readership, increase the impact of your content, and all of your invest can be evaluated.

Incessant services

Hot-Plug of both software and hardware provides incessant services for authors, reviewers, editors, and readers, and promote the user's experience.

Make your journal distinctive

Individually designed page styles distincts your journal from others, and enhance the impression of authors and readers.

Drive content to value

Built-in ecommerce and subscription models make your content easier to sell.

Lower cost & higher performance

Mature technology and optimized deployment process shorten the construction cycle and reduce the overall cost of the journal infrastructure.

Share China's opportunities

Attract the focus of more than twenty millions scholars in China, while discovered globally.






Submissions per year


Peer review per year


Papers publishing online per year

300million +

Access per year

Features Case Studies

Frontiers journals of HEP updates to OrionArm

The largest academic press in China, publishing 28 international journals

OrionArm & Xpublishing promote Aging and Disease development fastly

International journal published by International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD)

OrionArm supports Journal of Materials Sciences and Technology (JMST) growing amazingly.

One of the fastest growing Journals. In less than 4 years, the JCR IF grows from 1.2 to 8.

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