System Requirement of Journalx

1. What browser should I be using with for submission or review?
Operating System Browser
Windows XP / 2010 / 7 / 10    Chrome 80 or later version (Suggested)
IE 9.0 / IE 10 / IE 11
Firefox 8.0 or later version
2. In some page, our system needs to enable JavaScript in your browser for all functions to work properly. How? do I do this?
Note: JavaScript is not Java. Please refer to the Java Plug-in FAQ as needed.

JavaScript is a scripting language that is used on the Web. The most commonly used browsers come with JavaScript enabled. If for some reason your JavaScript is not enabled, pages in Journalx will not display properly.

To enable JavaScript, find the operating system and browser you use in the following list and follow the directions.


Internet Explorer 9 and above:

1. In the top menu bar, select Tools > Internet Options.

2. In the Internet Options dialog box select the Security tab.

3. Click Custom Level. The Security Settings dialog box will pop up.

4. Under the Scripting category enable Active scripting.

5. Click OK twice to close out.

6. Click Refresh.